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This list includes a mix of current and former brands

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First off, Joe is a blast to be around, his high energy, can-do attitude is infectious to the people around him and that is what initially drew me to him when I started at Starkey Hearing Technologies. He took me under his wing right away and gave me tips, best practices, and always asked how things were going for me and how he could help. Among 30 people he was our go to for digital marketing because he always seemed to have a new and innovative idea or could help us find a solution. Joe is an absolute pleasure to work with not only because he is great at his job but he is just a lot of fun to be around. Alex Sullins

Project Manager, MBO North

Joe is an outstanding, data driven Internet marketing analyst and strategy builder. He is one of the most enthusiastic guys you will ever meet, and he knows the value of connecting with people. Joe is a fast learner, he’s insightful and he knows how to make things happen. Steven Netsch

Founder, Clear Data Research

Joe is a wonderfully approachable personality with a rare talent for savvy strategy, execution, and persuasion. I can seldom recall a time that Joe did not have a plan or idea he was interested in pursuing – when asked “why” or “how” questions he was quick excited to show his supporting analysis. His dedication and work ethic are valuable energy to any project or team he might contribute to. Andrew Biro

Project Manager, Hyundai North America