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Learn, laugh and fall in love with the world of Digital Marketing for pet companies in the comfort of your conference room, office, or during a team retreat.




Joe Meyers is a digital marketing pet expert, keynote speaker and founder of Share, a digital marketing agency that teaches pet business owners how to drive traffic and sales. Joe has been featured in Minnesota Business, Pet Life Radio, Pet Age,  USA Today, INC and many pet and tech blogs, pet podcasts and has traveled the United States to speak about digital marketing in the pet industry.


  • 6 Steps to a Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Creating IMPACTFUL Social Media Posts: WHAT, WHERE, and HOW you should do it
  • Don’t Struggle with DIGITAL MARKETING: Finding, Hiring and Seeing Success with a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Top Tactics for Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

*Customized topic to meet your meeting objectives or goals.



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